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Yes. I really want to travel Europe and all the beautiful beaches. I also really want to visit less fortunate countries where you don’t just sit around a beach all day or go to tourist attractions. I also would love to go to different places and experience the life that they have every single day. Maybe this sounds weird to some of you but I actually want to see slums. Yup. I just want to see it with my own eyes. I’d be way to frightened to sleep there but I just want to see it. I want to see where slavery still goes on and all these bad things that happen in this world. You can watch it on television but with in a day you’ve most likely forgotten about it, right? Or I do anyway. Where as, if you see it with your own eyes and experience it then that experience will never leave you. In Geography a couple of years ago we watched something about Brazilian slums. Like slavery or trafficking, it was just something that kept my eyes glued to the screen, mouth wide open, eyes wide. I think here in the UK or where I live it’s pretty safe. Mind you, I don’t watch the news or read the news papers otherwise I’d just worry about things and I’m much more happy if I don’t so.. I don’t haha! Anyway, here it’s all safe and we can walk to town smiling as we pass by people but in other countries its not like that. The things we would see would be so much different to what we’re used to and I think that is scary but.. I don’t know I just really want to see for myself. Even the thought of people having to walk miles and miles for water and we’re sitting here drinking it everyday with a touch of a button makes me sad.
I mean look,

This looks pretty stunning and wealthy: 

But then you see this: 


Suddenly not so wonderful. Can you imagine all these people who think they have no hope and no purpose in life. If I were them I too would probably wonder why God let this happen but God is good and everyone has a purpose. So, to conclude, maybe one day I can visit and help 🙂