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Before I begin this post (officially), I copied this title from ‘Daily Post’ I thought it sounded pretty! haha!

So, I have been bad with the whole ‘new ideas’ thing, I know.. but today I was looking at my list of what I could write about for Designer Dienstag and I had wrote ‘Scrapbook Pages’. As you may or may not know, I have a scrapbook. I used to scrapbook every single day and I love it but this slowly turned into to playing guitar and singing at lease once a day. Which I also love. Seriously, you can not hang out at my house for the day with out me playing guitar at least once. Saying this, I looked through my scrapbook today which was in my art drawer. I haven’t looked at it in ages so I started from the beginning to the end. I miss scrapbooking. So, as I flicked page by page I realized that I have so many letters and messages that people have given to me. I keep everything people write to me and draw me 😀 I also realized how much more meaningful everything in my Scrapbook was as time went on. In the beginning, I didn’t have a clue what to put in. 

To get to the point, today I read all the letters I have and they brought a tear to my eye. Everyone who wrote that we will be friends forever or that I am precious to them just made me want to give them a huge hug 😀 I mean, people have a whole page dedicated to their message or letter. They are all very important to me ❤ 

Take a look: 

From Katharina –

  From Rachael – Image

From Timmy and Peta – Image


From Helen –Image



P.s Look!! aren’t these amazing… my Thai friend gave them to me : )