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As you probably read, when I was in Aberdeen a couple of days ago we watched ‘The Blind Side’ to relax. First of all, I think it is such a good movie! Its so lovely.. for an overview, The Blind Side is about a boy who used to live in a village where everybody drinks and does drugs. He doesn’t know where his mother is and when a family find him apparently walking to the school gym.. because its warm.. they invite him into their home. He doesn’t talk much at first because he must not trust people easily. He goes to school and scores about 95% in something about protection. I can’t remember the exact name. This means he will protect people and not let anything hurt them. So, when they find out that he is amazing at Rugby they have to tell him “You have to protect your team! They are your family.” This of course makes him be protective over his team and yea I’m not going to say anymore. I hope I didn’t give too much away. It’s hard not to just tell you the whole story but if you haven’t seen it I would totally recommend it! Warning: It may make you cry.. or I cried. But it’s so good!! 🙂 Go watch it! 😀