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Now, I realize this was my first time back at church since before Germany so I think I am a bit behind with all the sermons but today we looked at a fruit of the spirit, Love.

God’s love:
– His character
– It’s everlasting
– For everybody
– The unlovely
– His motivation. 

Let me explain.
How do we describe God? God is love. If you look into other religions, if you read the Koran there is nothing that says anything about God of love. Our God has everlasting love. Everlasting. Whether you are pleasing him and serving Him or doing things that break his heart, his love never changes. He loves you always. God loves the unlovely. For God so loved the world that He gave His only son. Why? because he loves us, even the unlovely.

We need to have passion for the lost. We need to love the lost like God loves the lost.
Love is: Patient, not jealous, not proud, not self seeking, no wrongs, rejoices in truth, trusts, perseveres, kind, does not brag, not rude, not angered, no delight in evil, protects, hopes, love never fails. We must not keep records of any wrongs!

Now, love is tough. God says we are to love God, we are to love each other, we are to love our neighbor, we are to love our enemies, we need to love with all our mind, heart, soul and strength (Just like Maria explained in the kids talk during the service).

There is good news! It is Gods love through us. *exhale*. That makes it easier right? Its a fruit of the spirit.
Our responsibility is to “Enjoy serving the Lord and he will give you what you want.” (Psalm 37 verse 4)

There are results of loving. 
1. God gets excited.
2. The world is touched.
3. We are enriched.

The love of Jesus flows in our lives. 

P.s you have homework! Well, we got homework 😀 Our Pastor said we should read Ephesians chapter 3 verse 14 to 21 (The end of the chapter) every day for a week (or longer if you like;) )  I encourage you to do the same 🙂 

Now, after church Rachael and I longboarded back to her house. Just for the fun of it. I did have a rather funny experience. Just as we were leaving Peta, your longboard decided to make its way into the bike compartment. Now baring in mind it’s a Sunday which meant all gates were shut and probably padlocked, so this led me to having one choice. Climb the fence. I’m about 5’1, I estimate the gate being double the size of me if not more so I had to sort of pull myself up over it, in a dress. Lol!! It was quit funny. I guess all those childhood years of climbing trees does come in handy in situations like these 😀