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Yesterday, I spent the day with my friend Rachael. Now, being the same size of clothes definitely has it’s advantages! Rachael was going to give away or sell some of her clothes and I took a sneaky peak and me being me, found something I like. You all the the voice “Rachaeeeeeel (High pitched voice) you know how… your giving these away anyway, fancy giving these couple to me?” lol!! And the kindness of her said yes and I came home with a few pieces of Vintage. Is vintage when it is second hand? I just like the word lol!! And the look of Vintage bedrooms. *hint* dressing table *hint* 😀 
So anyway, I’ll just go ahead and show you the beauties 😀

Guess my favorite……….


Its the 2nd one 😀 
Today after longboarding I was way, way to warm in my jeans so I wore one of Rachaels dresses 😀 I know, the photos aren’t edited but this one is!! 😀