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I know I am a day late on posting this but that is purely because I was still writing about my holiday yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that I found a new music genre that I like. Its strange and I don’t know anyone who listens to it, I don’t think. It is Electric Celtic. Which is basically instruments such as violins combined with today’s modern music. Such as drums and guitars. I think it is so cool 😀

Yesterday I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed (as you do) and came across a song that someone had shared from Soundcloud so I listened to it and went on her Soundcloud profile. By accident I clicked on someone she was also following and it’s this person right here: https://soundcloud.com/weestudio Personally I like the piece Cardiac Ceilidh.

These songs don’t have any words so I think for reading or studying at times when I just can’t concentrate with my usual music with words, I can listen to this. I mean, we all know what it’s like. You are trying to study and a song comes on that you know all the words to and with in a few seconds your singing along and some how have ended up not doing much. To busy singing. That is what happens to me anyway 😀 I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I just thought his ‘wee studio’ music was pretty clever and cool. Maybe I’m weird 😀 oh well!