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Today for lunch we went to Opa’s appartment with our friends. Every year that our friends come he invites us for lunch. They love it. Me, not so much because it has potatos in it haha!! I loved dessert though.. Of course 😀


After lunch, I took the free seat in the Macfarlanes car and went to Weilheim with them to have a look around. Afterwards, we went to Staffel See and met my cousins and the auntie I still hadn’t met on this holiday. Sadly we couldn’t go on the boats after 5pm 😦 But Sophie and I read our book while others went swimming. We also had dinner in the beer garden.

Our cousins from Switzerland already drove home today… It was so short! But one of them is staying until Friday when my brother will also go to stay with them for a while. I am sad they left so early and we already had to say goodbye but it was lovely to see them.

When we came back to Oma Ritas we played card games and drank banana milk. So delicious!
Now, I am going to sleep:)

P.s tonight has been the first rain in the whole time we’ve been here… And apparently it could get up to 40 degrees on Saturday! So hot!