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On one of my favorite blogs I saw the idea of having a post structure. This structure combined with her ideas were, I thought, extremely cool! I’ve decided that I want to try it out; I’m not saying that I will do this forever (unless I really love it!!). I want to see how it goes. So, I have made my own ‘structure’. I’m not going to do this for everyday of the week because I also like to have my random ramblings 😀 also where I focus also more on faith and the sermons from Friday’s and Sundays church 🙂 Here’s what I’ve come up with for the rest of the week:

Musical Mondays 😀 
Here I’d like to with you a song or lyrics I love, what instrument(s) I’d like to learn, why I learn guitar, my playlist, new found songs, re-discovered songs, inspirational artists etc 🙂

Designer Dienstag.
I know, ‘Dienstag’ isn’t English; it’s German – I wanted it to have a ‘D’ in it. It means Tuesday in German 😀 Anyway, I have said earlier in my blog that I love to arrange flowers.. for some strange reason. I also love anything to do with design such as, scrapbooking and art. So I’d like to post any art that I love, my scrapbook pages and the stories behind them, any art given to me and also quotes I like 🙂

Travelling Thursday.
I love to travel! I’d love to go on a world tour. For these posts I’d like to share travels that I have been on and places that I want to visit. Including pictures of course!

Fashion Friday.
Here will be any new buys, fashion trends, outfits I like, anything to do with fashion 😀 I love clothes 😀

So that’s it! As you can see I have left Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for my random ramblings 🙂 And of course I can always do 2 posts in a day in case I have the urge to tell you something 😀 I am going to Germany TOMORROW!:D So I will probably start this structure when I come home because I want to focus on telling you about Germany and giving you some good pictures 🙂 Be sure to tell me in the comments what you think of my ideas 🙂