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Yesterday was disastrous. I might of told you that my laptop wasn’t working. Good news is, I got mine to work. Bad news is that now I have broken Timmy’s laptop. I was trying to make room for the mattress for Timmy’s friend to sleep on but instead the flower pot spilled on his laptop and I’m not sure it’s going to work. I really hope it does. Anyway, just thought I’d update you 😀

In 4 days I will be on a flight to Germany. Arriving to see family and friends. I go every year and we do many activities just like you would in summer holidays at home. I guess German activities though. Ones we don’t have at home. Since I’ve been to Germany so many times I still want to do all these exciting activities but I also want to be a bit more touristy. I want to visit some new places too 🙂 

This year, I think we will go into Munich because that is where our flight is. Munich is a big city about 1/2 hours away from where we stay. It’s big, cultural and has a lot of shops. I always find is so inspirational there. There are teenagers who come to the city center at lunch time near the water fountain and just bring their guitar and play. In the middle of the city. They aren’t busking like we do in Scotland. They are just hanging out. I don’t think I have seen a group of teenagers come with their guitars to Falcon Square and not even care if anybody was watching them. Maybe I missed it if they do. 

There are so many nice places. Timmy and I were even thinking about going to Croatia. Its actually only a 5 hour drive. Considering it takes 6 hours to visit our cousins in the part of Switzerland that they live. It’s not actually that far. Italy isn’t that far either. I’m not saying I want to tour Europe 😀 (Although I would if I could) I just want to be a bit more touristy and take pictures of all the different towns or Cities we visit. 



But seriously.. look at Croatia!!