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This morning at around 9.30am one of my fake little sisters phoned me from the airport. She was waiting for her plane to Greece with her family. She of course was super excited and told me about her hotel with a swimming pool! This got me excited for Germany.

In exactly one week I will arrive in Munich where it will hopefully we glorious weather! I am really looking forward to going to the lakes and enjoying the sun. The sad thing is that I don’t tan.. but the good thing is that when I burn it doesn’t hurt 🙂 Today, I started the mission of trying to fit all that I will need for a 3 week holiday in a hand luggage suit case. Yes! Hand luggage. For 3 weeks. I can tell you it’s a task but I think it’s going well (so far!) If all fails I can always steal some space from my brothers suitcase (he has a big one because he’s staying for 5 weeks.) So it will be OK:) I’ve tried to pack the minimum because I know that I’m most likely going to go shopping there too. I can’t wait.  

I always make a list just to make sure that I don’t forget anything. 

See… it’s not overflowing! yet..
I will give you a more detailed packed suitcase probably at the weekend 🙂 I hope everybody is having wonderful holidays!! 

P.s in case you wanted to know, this was my workout today 🙂
But leg lifts instead of lunges.