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Last night one of my pretend sisters stayed at my house. We went for a cycle and had a mini picnic (Of course with Ginger Beer!) and then it was getting late so we thought… Why not just stay over? So we came home and I played a little guitar and then we watched ‘Valentines Day’. Today, we went to Avimore. My brother met his friend to climb a mountain with him so Rachael and I went exploring. First, we came to the beach and the Boathouse Cafe was indeed open and had free wifi! Win!! Then, we went to the beach but got a bit cold after a while and resorted to having a look around the shops in Avimore and having even more ginger beer 😀 Here are some pictures:) I have cold which is probably from the beach so I’m going to end this post here and just let you have a look at pictures because we all love pictures, right? 


But then.. it got cold 😦 Image

So we wrapped ourselves up in a picnic blanket 😀

It was such a good day though!! When the sun appeared again we took that opportunity to longboard a little while waiting for my brother. It was a good day!!