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Come to me and I will give you rest. Many come from all around the world because 
they want to come up the mountains of Scotland. Why do they want to go up the mountain? It must be a tremendous challenge. The view must be incredible. God wants us to come up the mountain.

1. What is God trying to say when He asks us to come up the mountain? He wants 
us to come into His immediate presence. God says He will never leave us, nor 
forsake us. When He calls us up the mountain He wants to take us in to His 
presence to come into something we have never experienced before. We know He 
rose again, helps us and loves us but He is saying that He wants us to have a 
deeper relationship with Him and experience Him in a deeper way and level. 
Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the Disciples are all people who have at different times 
gone up the mountain and experienced God in a far deeper way. This is because they accepted the simple invitation.

2. Why go up the mountain? Moriah was the place of provision. We need to go 
where God is so we can know His provision. Moses was on Mount Sinai which became the place of Impartation with God. Scotland needs more people who have been up 
the mountain. Carmel was the place of Victory. Transfiguration was the place of 
revelation. They began to see Jesus as He really was and His glory. Olives is 
the place of direction. If you do not know God's will for your life come up the 
mountain. Golgatha is the place of forgiveness. Zion the place of destiny. The 
city of the living God. The place of destiny.

3.How do we go up the mountain? If we want to go up the mountain we must have 
daily devotion. Jesus had a place in the mountain where He went to meet with God 
everyday. If Jesus had such a place then we need a place like that.

Fruit of the spirit.... Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, 
faithfulness, gentleness and self control. What has this got to do with it? These fruits represents the exact character of God. The more fruit we produce the closer to 
we come to God. We get closer to the heart of God. The more we produce these 
fruits the higher we come up the mountain. We don't work for these fruits. God 
plants them within us. We need fruits that last through every situation. Do you 
have a desire for more fruit?Galations 5:20-21 Bitterness, gossip. back biting, hatred, strife, jealousy, 
anger etc take us to the bottom of the mountain. This does apply to us today. 
While we're living in these realms we are at the bottom of the mountain but when 
we experience the fruits then we go up the mountain:-) Its like steps up the 
mountain. God loves fruit. God is asking that we leave what was at the bottom of 
the mountain and start climbing the mountain.