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Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my wonderful friend. We went into town and done fantasy shopping which is going into to shops with clothes we can’t afford, trying on loads and taking pictures instead of buying.. It’s fun! Then we came back to my house and I played guitar and we sang, we ate pizza and then got ready for going to the Alive Concert.

We arrived early so we didn’t have to wait for so long. The three bands were Empire Nation, LZ7 and Ben Cantalon (If that’s how his name is written?). I can say for a fact that they were all absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was SO great.. Everyone was totally into it. After LZ7 Linz told us an inspiring story. You seriously couldn’t hear a pin drop. Afterwards, Linz gave everybody a chance to give their hearts to the Lord. We all closed our eyes and even though I am a Christian I still said the prayer and it renewed my faith. I realized how much I really do love my Creator and how much He loves me. I think there was about 30 people who gave their hearts to the Lord that night.. How wonderful!!

But.. the best thing of the whole night was my beautiful friend who raised her hand singing her heart out. Now.. I have never ever raised my hand to sing to God. Never. I really felt I should last night and I think my friend saw the love that I was feeling from God and she too sang her heart out. After LZ7’s story I didn’t care what everybody else thought. So, Ben was singing songs that most of them I knew and I was just singing and dancing to Him. I am seriously so glad I went. I truly believe that I am friends with the people I am friends with for a reason. Last night just confirmed it for me and I pray for my friend that she will realize how much God loves her and that it was God that created her because she is SO beautiful and such a special friend!

It was SUCH a good night!!
p.s I do have pictures but it’s 11.15pm and I really wanted to do this post but I should go to bed now haha!