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We have such a cool R.E teacher! Seriously, he organizes the coolest things 🙂
Today LZ7 came to visit our school. 5th and 6th years went 2nd Period to see them. I loved to meet them and hear the meanings of their songs. I think it always helps when you meet them. They shared their love for music and for God.

Firstly, if you don’t know who they are, they are a Christian Rap Band. Now.. I can’t rap to save my life which is probably one of the reasons that I don’t have their music on my playlist because I can’t sing along, but I love to sing along so I have many other Christian musicians:) Apart from a little Taylor Swift I have banned myself from “Chart Music” because, personally I think that Chart music isn’t a very good influence. I really liked their music and they are such kind-hearted people. I think it’s good that they are a rap band because let’s be honest.. if a choir came to the school singing hymns then I don’t think the students would even listen or take in anything they are saying. Today though, many questions were answered that students were confused about, wondering and about and I can tell you.. they were such wonderful, honest answers!:)

They told us the meanings of some of their songs, why they wrote them. For example “27 Million” was about Human Trafficking. Something that is going on in the world everywhere more than ever before! They try to make us realize through music. Another song (which I can’t remember the name of) was dedicated to a girl that came to one of their concerts. (be ware this isn’t a pleasant story but it has a happy ending!!)
LZ7 got an email the next day after one of their shows from a girl who attended their show the night before. This girl was a the very edge. That night, after the show she wanted to kill herself. She had multiple knifes and 120 (ish) pills with her for after the show. That night, she listened intently to the bands songs and one spoke so closely to her that her decision was changed and she didn’t kill herself. This was because of Cyber bullying.
It made me realize how much the words of music can influence a persons life. I was sitting staring at the band as they told this story and if everybody else wasn’t there I would have been balling my eyes out. I am so glad that, that girl went to that concert. LZ7 then made a song dedicated to her and to help others.

Mostly, I loved the meanings of their songs. Nowadays in the media, the meanings of songs are meaningless. Absolutely meaningless. I loved that they showed their strong faith through music and when answering questions. It was something for them to think and reflect on because LZ7 didn’t want to come in and tell everyone they HAD to become a Christian they wanted to influence them in their decisions, to tell them God loves them and help them make their decisions but let them decide for themselves.