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No, this isn’t my first day of primary school.
No, this wasn’t my first day of high school or college.
Today was my first day of 5th year. My first day of having only 5 subjects. My first day of having 6th years mixed with 5th years and my first day of having surprisingly quit pupils in my classes. Seriously… you would think when people get to the age of 15 nearly 16 they would at least not talk when the teacher is talking.. but no! 4th year was horrendous for the amount of immaturity in the classes. My brother said to me “Lisa, by 5th year all the annoying ones leave.” He was right in some sense but actually quit a few stayed but they are not in my class so I am very happy 😀 Now there are more concentrated students rather than loud ones so they basically just sit in a corner out numbered by the amount of people working. Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love a good laugh but I also want to do well and not waste my school years. Especially this year. 

Anyway, today was SO good! First I ran into my registration class anxious to receive my timetable from my registration teacher (one of the nicest teachers ever!:D). When I was handed it I was so so relieved. I got teachers that I like. First, I had English with a teacher that I had never had before but everyone told me she is nice. Now, her make up does create great amusement for me because it is quit funny but you get used to it. Then, I had R.M.P.S (Religious, Moral and philosophical Studies) with a teacher that I also had the past couple of years. Since Psychology doesn’t start until August I had a double free period between break and lunch where I was saddened to be told that going to Asda wasn’t allowed and that we had to stay in school 😦 But… it turned out good! The librarian chatted with me and saw that I was reading German magazines. She found out my parents are German and I speak German. Since she studied German too I now think she has great respect for me haha! Her words were “Girls, you are allowed to come in any time you want” (I was with my friend) So, I translated some German, read my book and filled in a form for tomorrows Open Learning College induction. 

For the last two periods I had German and Art. In German two people are doing crash Higher. One speaks Dutch so some of it she understands and the other is someone who I actually know from ages ago. He went to my church when we were younger. His mum comes from Austria so he too has some background of German. I can tell you.. they are learning fast!:) Oh and I got the German teacher I wanted too 🙂 I’ve had him since 3rd year. 
Lastly, I had Art. My Art teacher is a bit odd but I think he’s the best out of the 3.

Overall, I had a wonderful first day of 5th year:)
Tomorrow is time for a day of a 4 hour Psychology induction. I am excited!