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Jehovah is different to other names because the others appear less than Jehovah.
The name Jehovah has appeared over 6 and a half thousand times.
Jehovah means Lord. Yahweh means Lord.

Who is Jehovah?
Where does Jehovah operate?
When does Jehovah operate?

The term Lord God has great significance.
Not just Lord but Lord God.
the one who is supreme
The one who is exalted
He is the Lord God almighty.

Jesus is the King of Kings. He has authority over everything.
He is the eternal God.
In heaven we will get to know the one who made us.
Solomon says “Lord you are so great, you over spill the heavens.”
The Lord is the King of Glory.
Every battle He has entered into he has won in a strong and powerful way.
He reins victorious over the enemy.
He is beyond explanation.

In Revelation it says “Hallelujah for the Lord God almighty reigns.”
When Jehovah came in contact with others, others were saved.
This God has an effect on the nations of this world.

Where does he operate?
What is the sphere of His operation? everything that there is comes under His lordship apart from one thing. It covers the heavens. The whole of the heavens comes under his Lordship. Time comes under His Lordship. He is Lord of time.
He is Lord of the animal kingdom. That’s why he could shut the mouth of the lion.
He is the Lord over darkness. he is the light of the world.
He is Lord over the devils work!
This Jehovah is Lord over all that there is. Do you believe that he is Lord over the storms of your life? Jesus Christ is Lord because he comes under Lord ship.

There is one thing where he is not Lord. he is not Lord in your life. He is only Lord of your life by invitation. He has made himself available and wants to be in our lives but does not force himself into our lives. He comes by invitation.

When does He operate?
He is Lord always.
I am means the ever present God. for every person in every nation he is ever present.
He says ” I am the light of the world”, “I am the alpha and the Omega.”
This is my God. he is the Lord over everything.

Romans chapter 10 vs 9
“who ever believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that Jesus is Lord will be saved.”
We need to confess to the Lord. the situations in our lives we need to confess them because he is Lord of all things and is able to meet us in it.