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Literally about 5 minuets ago I made myself some iced green tea. This can work for flavored iced green tea’s too 🙂

1) Boil water 
2) Take ice cubes and fill your glass up with them.
3) Put a green tea bag or a green tea bag and a flavored tea bag into a mug and pour the boiling water in.
4) leave it for about 3 minutes depending on how strong or weak you want it.
5) Add about a tea spoon of sugar (more or less depending on what you like) and stir with the hot tea.
6) Pour the tea into a glass and mix to make sure the ice cools it. 
7) Add lemon, lime or anything else and its done 🙂 

Banana and Kiwi Smoothie:

1) Take a handful of ice cubes and crush them in your blender.
2) Chop up a banana and 2 Kiwis and add into the blender.
3) Add milk until it covers the fruit. For a smoothie add apple juice or any you think works 🙂
4) Blend it all together and your done 🙂
5) To make it stay even cooler while in the sun add some more ice cubes.