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We always think we’re right but truly It doesn’t matter to us. It matters to Him.

It’s not about one another it’s about what God thinks. In fact, there are none righteous… We are all wrong.

1 john vs 1 chapter 2: Jesus Christ the righteous one. He is righteous in mind, body and spirit. We were brought into this earth unrighteous but with Jesus we are righteous. Everybody new Jesus lived a righteous life even if they didn’t want to believe it. We don’t deserve to be in his presence. Even the religious authorities realized Jesus’s righteousness. They didn’t want to but they did. The authorities wanted to catch Jesus out but Jesus didn’t say anything wrong.

They tried to catch Jesus out with the situation of a woman who committed adultery but again Jesus said the right things.

When the crucifixion came, because they couldn’t find fault they got false prophets. There is no fault in him. He is always holy. Always. This Jesus Holy, righteous. Even in the powers of darkness he was righteous and holy. Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Holy one. The holy one of God. Even the powers of darkness know the righteousness of Jesus.

Jesus rose from the grave because he was always righteous. Jesus was pleased with his boy because he is perfect.

Our minds are merky. If you looked into the mind of Jesus there would not be one blemish. What about words? We have merky words and thoughts too. If you read you wouldn’t find one word out of place. sometimes our judgments are so out of order but Jesus’s judgments are spot on. because he see’s the whole picture.

We shouldn’t live in guilt of the past. His will be The Lord Our Righteousness.

Before accepting Jesus we have guilt and sin. He takes our burden away when we come to the cross to accept him. Then the righteousness of Jesus has come. God wants to save you and because of this he clothes us in garments white as snow.

The lord is our righteousness.