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I am one who loves going for a swim or cycle. But these past days I’ve done so much exercise or at least I think so. Yesterday I walked from school to home to Beccas to town then got the bus home 😀 and then to Rachaels. That’s quite a lot. Then today I’ve cycled from home to Tesco to a little shop to Asda to home. And I today I still have to cycle around the place to deliver Avon. On top of this, I have also been doing my own work outs but I really don’t think I’m going to manege that today. I sure couldn’t yesterday. But this cycle was worth it. I came home with a tomato and herb swirly (which Peta introduced me to and I just had a craving for it), a fashion magazine and pear and apple green tea.

I’m not into the gossip magazines but I do love looking at all the clothes so that is why “Company” is a good magazine for me 😀
I must say “normal” Green Tea does taste planty so I thought I’d give the flavored ones a go and low and behold.. I like it:-) I am strange.. it has to have milk in it. I don’t understand tea without milk. Its weird.
I’m going to have my swirly for lunch:-) then do Avon and have dinner with my favorite people tonight:-)