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The one day I don’t wear flip flops it’s the warmest day of the year. 
On Saturday we had a birthday celebration for my friend who turns 14 this Wednesday. It was a fun packed day!! 
First, we went a a beauty salon to get our eyebrows waxed. Normally this would be fun to go to a beauty salon. Yes, it was for everyone else who had got their eye brows waxed before but I hadn’t so it was painful. But I’m happy now and it was funny afterwards when we all hid behind sunglasses shamed by our red skin. We then went to Tesco to get some food for going to the beach.

I did not expect it to be this warm… saying that I wear flip flops in the rain but I didn’t on Saturday. Doesn’t make sense. It was OK though because the beach is best in bare feet. Or as I say “Let’s wear our bare feet to the beach.” 
It was a beautiful day. After a while we went to Outfit to try on clothes. This is where three friends being the same cloth size comes in handy. We are known for taking a bunch of clothes and throwing them over the changing cubicles to try all sorts on. My wonderful friend surprised Rachael and I with gifts. She gave me a beautiful dress that I tried on in Topshop and really loved and Rachael shoes that she also loved. The dress is now my favorite ever and I’ve decided to be the first probably ever to wear a dress into an exam but I’m doing it 😀 maybe not with flip flops though 😀 

At four o’clock we picked Becca up from the train station and got ready for going to Rajah for dinner. We wore our new outfits and enjoyed a delicious meal with lots of friends. Afterwards, we went to Coffee affair for a little while and then came back to Rachaels to stay over. It was so much fun and surprisingly we didn’t go to bed at 3am. We actually went to bed at about 12.30/1am. That’s quit an attachments considering there were 6 girls. We ending the evening by watching “Pitch Perfect” and eating more yummy food. It was a good day! 🙂 Here are some pictures.

And I also bought some shorts yesterday haha!