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As usual I was worried this morning. Worried about going to the Orthodontics. The wait is often worse than actually going straight in. In this case it was. I was replaying all the scenarios that could happen when I got in. The whole time I lay in the dreaded chair I prayed that I wouldn’t be told I had to get surgery and that it wouldn’t hurt (those dark glasses are good for something!) And guess what… all he did was change the wire to a stronger one and attach it better so the tooth would be pulled down. What was there to worry about? nothing. But I always get scared for these things. I’m glad it is over now. 

After, my Mum and I went into town in search for a gift for my friend who has her birthday celebration this weekend. I know.. normally I would be all organised and probably would have had it a month ago. But this time that’s not what happened. I just couldn’t find something I wanted to buy her so I’ll have to go in search again one of these days to have it by Saturday. Wish me luck.