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Or do you want more? we’re not satisfied with the drip. we want the river to flow.

how do we move on from the drip drip drip to the river of God flowing? church’s are flowing but then it returns to dripping. why aren’t our churches like the ones in the Old Testament? if your tap isn’t flowing properly its because there is a blockage. This means there is a blockage in our life. Things like:
1. disobeidience
2. unforgivness
3. unbelief

We compromise the word of God. we’re either following it or not. There isn’t a middle ground. But now we are letting the government make decisions. we are caging up the word of God but it needs to be released. The word is powerful. We contain it in our heads but we don’t work it out in our lives.

Its not always easy to obey the word of God. We struggle to obey. but if we really want God to move in power like in the old testament, if we really want it then we have to follow him and spend time with him every day. When we gave our lives to God we were saying that we are choosing to obey him no matter what it costs. Obeying the word is more important than what we think and want. If you want to be in a place where we obey God we need to surrender.

If you don’t forgive others trespasses then God won’t forgive yours but if you forgive theirs, God will forgive yours. sometimes its very hard to forgive. We have the power to let go of bitterness and anger. If you don’t then technically your saying God is less important with what he’s saying then what you think. if we want to move from being a trickle into the flowing river we need to forgive.

Its not that we don’t believe in God. It’s that we don’t believe God can work through us. We don’t allow God to demonstrate his power through us. How do we get from a can’t do attitude to a can do attitude?

Mathew chapter 25 verse 23;


is lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord”

If you be faithful with the little things God will move you on to the bigger things. Anna from the bible was faithful with the little things. God had given Anna a new calling at 84 years old to be an evangelist .

Are you prepared to get rid of the blockages to move on to what God has for us? Let’s be people who stand out, who obey God no matter what, let’s see the river of God flow through our lives and the nation. Amen.