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Recently, I watched a YouTube video by one of my favorite You tubers (Nikki). She is a Christian who loves beauty and fashion. I find her inspiring. She posted a video on inspirational books and people for example. One of her books was called “Captivating” so I was intrigued about what all the hype was about so naturally I asked my friend Peta who has enough books for a mini library 😀 if it is a good book and if I’d enjoy it. I didn’t know if she had read it but I assumed she had because I mean what book hasn’t she read? Peta said it’s a bit too “Fluffy” and gave me the name of another book that might be good. It’s called ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’ by Lisa Bevere. So, I read the sample. I love it! (although I only read 1 and a half chapters because you can’t read any further on a sample:( ) but it’s really good.. I found myself whispering aloud “mm that’s interesting” or “yea, I agree” and I can’t wait to borrow the book to read the rest. I’m just in the mood for a good book:-)