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Every year, I go to Germany. In some ways it is good and some ways bad. It’s good to see family and friends and to do all the holiday stuff but it’s bad because apart from Australia in the Summer about 5/6 years ago we never really went on any other main holidays. There are SO SO many places I would love to visit! Now, I have two places that I have only been once that I would love to return to. They are Paris and Australia. Although I wouldn’t want to live in these places I would like to go to Paris for longer because when I went it was when I was about 10 or 11, with the school, with teachers, you know.. it’s not the best when you go with school at 10 because you don’t get a lot of freedom. You can’t just walk out the Hotel room and take a stroll to town or go up the Eiffel Tower yourself:D  But I am so thankful that I got to go because I loved it so much! So, I would like to return there and I would also like to return to Australia. My cousins live there and apart from one of them who came to Scotland when he was younger I have only met them once. The two girls are the same age as me and I feel that I don’t talk to them as much as I should. My uncle said we can come any time. I really want to go there again 🙂 Apart from that I have a whole world tour planned:D I hope I do get to do that but it’s not going to go anywhere unless I have a proper job, but we’ll see:)