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I strongly disagree with animal cruelty and I have been trying my hardest to carefully choose make up products that aren’t tested on animals. I never know which one’s they are and so far the one’s that have held to their word are Gosh and Avon. My cousin (http://mylifelizabeth.wordpress.com/) sent me a link which say’s that Animal Cruelty is banned in the EU.  I then went onto a website and it said Revlon do test on animals so now I’m a bit confused. Hopefully. Animal Cruelty is on it’s way out and until I know for sure that all brands are cruelty free I will use Gosh and Avon 🙂
Please tell me if anyone knows anything(: Thanks! 
In case you want to check it out the website that I was given was: http://www.beautylish.com/a/vxrws/europe-bans-cosmetic-testing-on-animals