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Since I am just studying today and there’s nothing exciting going on I thought I’d do this tag that I have seen all over YouTube but of course in writing. There’s quit a lot to read but this was a lot of fun to write.

1. I love tea
2. I  much rather spend the  evening reading a good book than going to a party.
3. I’d rather write an essay than do a class talk
4. I cry before I have to go to the dentist or orthodontist or doctors haha!
5. I love travelling
6. I have a weird obsession with tights
7. I love cats
8. my favorite food is Lasagne
9. Banoffee pie is my favorite dessert
10. My parents are German so I guess that makes me German?
11. I attempted to learn Italian in 3rd year (fail!)
12. I speak German
13. I love writing letters rather than emailing
14. I love it when people make me stuff
15. I love making people stuff
16. I love floral and bird print
17. I love lace
18. I hate straightening my hair
19. I secretly love being ginger because brown and blond is just ‘normal’
20. I want to go on a world tour
21. I want to go on a road trip around America
22. I believe in God
23. I love go-karting
24. tornados scare me
25. Tsunami’s scare me the most
26. I love gift shops
27. I’m terrible at saving money
28. when I was little I kept a friendship box with my best friend
29. I keep all 1,2 and 5p’s to give to animal charity’s
30. I am very independent, I like being on my own and doing things for myself
31. I play guitar
32. I used to play clarinet
33. I love to sing
34. I hate climbing up mountains because I have athsma
35. I’m so bad a maths
36. I love chick flicks and rom-coms
37. I used to go to swimming lessons and be in one of the higher groups (don’t actually remember why I stopped)
38. I love water slides
39. I love hugs lol!!
40. I would like to learn how to surf and snowboard
41.I used to be a dancer ( ballet, highland, tap and disco)
42. blogging and reading blogs brings me joy 😀
43. I love road tripping
44. I can’t wait to learn to drive
45. I’m a very good secret keeper
46. I can never remember any facts of history or any music concepts
47. I still have a teddy called funty from when I was born
48. I love picking flowers and shells
49. I wish I went to the top of the Eiffel tower when I went to Paris in p6
50. I think social networking is a waste of time but I still use it:D

There we go:-)  If you knew all that, well done! 😀 😀