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Yesterday as usual when I go to Aberdeen I walk into town around 9am while my brother is still fast asleep. I went costa and tried a new drink. The Hazelnut Chai Latte, which I love! I want to try all the Chai Lattes 😀 I went to H&M and I bought a vest top because I always need them and two nail polishes – One navy and one royal blue ( I love blue!:D ) Then, I got a text from Peta saying that they are in Starbucks and to come and find them, so I did. We went round and realized that St Andrews has all the good shops… Nachos, Paper chase, they even have a Super Dry… In St Andrews!! The smallest place ever and they have Super Dry… Inverness is so behind times.. we just got Super Dry 😀
Anyway, we had to trek down to the University to wake my sleepy brother up and we went to the Noodle bar for lunch. Timmy, Peta and I look like a family with our ginger hair haha! 


And… my brother is a giant compared to Peta and I who are like 5 foot 2. We ate noodles




When we got home we were welcomed by Peta and Beccas garden tidy and lovely. It must have been such hard work. It was a great weekend:)