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My cousin is doing a ten day challenge instead of a 30 day. She said I should do it too, so I am:D You choose 10 things to do out of 30 choices. I chose:

♥ Your 3 favorite songs right now

♥ A thing you will never do

♥  Your jewelry

♥ 5 things you want

♥ Your room

♥ 10 things/persons you’d like to take to an island

♥ The content in your bag

♥  Your 5 favorite bags

♥ A vacation you want to do again

♥  A song that describes how you feel today

which I will be doing in any order. I’m still going to do my normal daily posts for those of you who aren’t interested in this but I just thought it would be fun:-)  
now, I really have to go to bed….