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1. Invigilators with Heals – stomp stomp stomp *pause to look around* stomp stomp. I think they just pace up and down and in their heals, boy that is annoying.

2. When someone has a cold – I just feel like shouting “Dude….. actually just go and get a tissue!!” 😀 sadly they’d rip our paper up for doing that.

3. Being the first finished – Just sitting there resorting to talking to the wall until you hear the creek of someone else’s chair. That’s your que to leave too.

4. When people have blunt pencils – have you ever sat next to someone when they are writing in a blunt pencil? It’s the most off putting thing ever!

5. The speedy one that happens to sit near you – All you hear are pages turning and constant writing and your sitting there like, ehh I’m no where near done.. how can you be so fast? So nerve racking.