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1. To relax and Chill Out – have you ever come home from work thinking “I can’t handle anything else stressful”? that’s where your guitar comes in handy. Playing, Singing, and listening to the music you play is great to relax after a long day.

2. To Be Spiritual- God loves it when we sing to him and worship him!

3. To Inspire Others – I don’t know about you but if I see an amazing pianist that inspires me. I guess it’s the same for Guitarists.

4. Two in one – If you can play Guitar tab then you can play Bass guitar. To instruments in one. Brill.

5. An alternative to the sporting life – don’t get me wrong I love many sports but if someone asked me to play football or play guitar I’d definitely go for the guitar option:

1. I can’t even kick (I’m one of those who thinks its a much greater idea to play by kicking with your toes instead of the side of your foot, not the best idea)
2. I’m mostly the target for most footballers or so it seems because half the time the can’t even see me πŸ˜€
3. its too stressful

There you go, My 5 reasons πŸ˜€