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Today at church I found a diary. A diary that says “Fashioned By The Father” with my love for fashion that caught my eye šŸ˜€ So I opened the diary and instead of buying it in just look pictures of the quotes I loved. Here they are

“Every woman should have a mirror that reflects her spirit – that’s where God brings out her true beauty”

“The most fashionable coat we will ever wear is one made of kindness and love”

“Go after your dreams – God created you to live them!”

“The good things God has for you are more exciting than a clearance shoe sale and s box of chocolates put together”

“She LIVES. She LOVES. She LAUGHS. She makes everyday a celebration of who she is in Christ”

“Be inspired. Be brave. Be YOU!”

“No doubt about it – a woman on fire for God is a force be reckoned”

“Her spirit loved to bask in the brightness of her future”

“The Godly woman faces her challenges with prayer, a sense of adventure, and a great pair of boots”

“A wise woman will always ask for directions – and God always gives them”

“The best form of exercise has nothing to do with equipment – and everything to do with faith”

“When God asks you to step out of your comfort zone, do it – and wear a glorious pair of shoes”

“God wants to use you yo adorn the world with His beauty – no matter what kind of hair day you’re having”

“Hope! it will keep you looking young”

I love it!!