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This morning I got up to head of to the beloved Tesco in order to buy my tablet. Although it was only £100 (that’s cheap in the tablet world) I was still saving for a while and this morning I finally bought it.
It started of  perfectly and I am ashamed to say that I was on it for hours and hours. Then I thought I broke it … but thank goodness it was just doing a loading thing. At about 4 Peta came and we discovered new breakfast biscuits. We are big fans!
Soli urgently needed a walk which was more like a stroll that lead us to stop every 3 seconds. Now, we have Pizza and dough balls in the oven and Pitch Perfect ready for a movie night. I might do a review of it:D

Now, bearing in mind I have a whole day of English Exams on Monday I haven’t done any form of studying today. There’s always tomorrow and there’s not much you can do to study English anyway so let’s just pray for the best:-)