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Suta-bucksu. Thats Japanese for Starbucks. That’s what we call it:) Starbucks is always a winner!! Today Peta and I went to drink Tea and Coffee and have a chat. It’s always good in a group of people, it’s so much fun! But it’s also good just to talk to one person(: 
I had a Caramel Machiato (no clue how to spell it) sounds sort of posh right? well, it’s yummy! I can’t drink strong coffee at all but for me Latte’s and what I had today are good because they are full of milk or in this case caramel mmmm. Peta had a London Fog and a cinnamon swirl. So not predictable right?:D
We had a laugh, as you do and talked about everything:), we admired the pictures on the wall, looked at the most amazing website (Etsy), complained about the hail stones and laughed some more!(:
It was good, it’s great to have a proper chat 🙂


Here is a London Fog, looks delicious right? ohh but do you see the string of the Tea Bag? :O never do that! Apparently, it just ruins the froth if you take it out and if you leave it in it doesn’t taste right. You can’t win. I just thought it’s funny how Peta knows exactly how she likes her beloved London Fog 😀 😉