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Yesterday was my friends birthday. It was her 13th birthday. I year where I felt no difference what so ever although it does seem cool that your becoming a teenager. At 14, no difference. At 15, no difference (apart from legally allowed to watch 15’s but shop assistants ask for ID on 12’s so I guess, no difference) But, when I turn 16 then maybe there will be. But, yesterday she turned 13. I have known her since she was born so of course I had to be there 😀 We went to Bella Italia for dinner. And, if you know me well you’ll know what it was. With out a doubt, Lasagne. My favorite. She opened some gifts and we ate cake. Now, that was good but Eden Court was amazing! We went to see Sleeping Beauty On Ice. It was beautiful and dangerous. But, it was SO good! I had a little chuckle to myself when the whole room was dark and you could just see Eilidh’s (birthday girl) sister’s luminous pink dress stick out:D I was sad to leave. The worst part was that we weren’t allowed to take pictures 😦  I could have got some great ones to show you, sorry! But here are some from the evening.




The lasange was huge! But delicious!