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Imagine is a camp in Aberdeen it is one of my favorite places in the world. Right now I am missing it so much because I didn’t go last year and I’m not going this year. I go with Youth Group which is always a laugh. There are seminars to go to during the day and In the morning and evenings there are meetings with worship which everyone goes to. I even take my cushion in the morning, they make you feel at home 😀 In your free time you can go to the Prayer Tent,  talent show, movies and the skate park. A couple of my friends and I love to long board (which I must start again since it’s warmer now, but mine is huge:P )

There are also terrible things like having a river flowing through your tent and having to shower in cubicles where you dry your self in puddles. But I know that Imagine brings me closer to God. You are in an environment with teenagers around your age that are all Christians and that’s encouraging.

I wish I could live at Imagine 😀