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Well I wouldn’t call it a roll… yet! 
A couple of friends and I have been going running . Today we went on a shorter run and the not wonderful rain came out and decided to soak us all. But, we kept going! Although I did slow down at times (because I’m a short distance runner. You might not think it by how slow I run long distance but I’m the fastest girl in my year for short distance, so just need to practice long distance:) ) 
It’s fun with friends, you can laugh at each others hilarious looking facial expressions when you have the I can’t go on any longer moments and also chat and then you don’t really realize that your running at all. 
I want to try and go running a bit in the mornings:D Yes all the teenagers out there, I am going to get up even earlier to get all ready go for a run and come home to a lovely breakfast. I’m sorry but that sounds good to me! If it’s not windy and raining that is:) In the morning there is no one else around and everything is so quit, it’s nice I think 🙂

Now, this is an achievement I just can not make smoothies… but today before going out for a run I decided that I would try. And… it didn’t turn out disgusting but still a bit of work to do. It sounds like the easiest thing, get some fruit you like cut it and put it in the mixer with milk and yogurt. Ohh but nooooo this has proved a challenge for me:D

Image LOL!!