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Today was such a sunny day and so, I decided to wear my dress. Most of us will have the dress that’s flowy and perfect for summer. It’s not yet summer but I made it a bit more wintery (if that’s even a word) with some red tights. After church I was invited to go to Nairn Beach with the usual people that you have probably heard of a million times (Becca, Louise, Matt, Rachael, Peta and I) Now, tights are not the best when I want to go bare feet in the sand so I sadly had to resort to leggings. Anyway, the beach was lovely. Becca and I had a few hair all over our face so we couldn’t see moments and almost getting blown away moments but all in all it was beautiful. After our venture in Nairn Tesco is always a winner when yummy fajitas are needed so we went into Tesco in the glorious weather and when we came out (literally 10 minuets later) It was pouring with rain… We came back and drank as always plentiful cups of tea and ate fajitas. We played Monopoly:) Becca won!!:) It was great! 
Here are some Beach pictures:






p.s ohhh and we had a Skype call with Rachaels brother in Japan, it was hilarious!