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So, today was a lovely day at school… until I got to lunch and I needed the toilet :/ (lovely story right?:D) anyway, long story short my phone fell in… first I panicked and realized it was still working so somehow I had to get it out… so I did. Yuck. It was still buzzing and giving me updates. I washed my hands extremely well and walked outside to tell my friend the news. She just laughed. We both laughed then I thought I’d better dry it. I am always prepared with tissues and so I tried my best to dry it. I took it all apart because there was still 2 hours of school so I couldn’t put it in rice yet. At home, I put it in rice. I checked if it was still working and it was but it was a bit confused and doing all sorts of stuff. I really don’t know if it’s going to work…. It will be a disaster if it doesn’t…
1. I still owe my Dad money for it.
2. I won’t have a phone
3. I will get into trouble (haven’t told my Dad yet)

Ahh well… I pray it does.