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I descovered a new tea! Now.. This is incredible for me I never normally like anything but as I call it “Normal” tea. I think it’s called Brittish tea or something? Anyway, while I was in Germany my Uncles girlfriend let me taste her tea and I thought it was so yummy. So now I have some of my own:) I don’t like fruit tea’s or anything but I like this and I want to taste Green Tea because it’s healthy but by the sound of it I’m not sure I’d like it. I just thought I’d tell you my new descovery:D


Well it wasn’t really a spree but today after school I went to town with my friend. I needed to buy birthday presents for two of my friends. Rachael loved so many bags and I was trying my best not to buy anything I didn’t need. Which was very successful. I bought a vest top, deodrant, breakfast bars and moisturiser which I needed. We walked into an American candy shop and wanted to buy every sweet and had to drag Rachael out the shop 😀 In Primark I saw one of my friends she said to me “remember when I used to wear really girly clothes? Well i’m trying to get that back.” I replied “ahh that’s good! Like your bright yellow outfit:D” (we knew what we were talking about. She came running to me and said “Lisa Lisa do you have 20p??” “yeea of course:)” I replied. She was so so happy that she could buy these shoes and it made me super happy to see her like that because clearly she was in a good mood again wanting to buy nice new girly clothes. She hugged me and shouted Thank you and that just made my day that I helped someone with the slightest thing and she was happy:)