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I am beginning to appreciate this whole blogging thing. I know, I am not the best writer in the world but I love to blog. Keeping you all and my friends updated brings me joy. I can now realize whose blog post I am reading without looking at the little self portrait of the blogger. If that’s geeky, I don’t know. I love to read inspirational posts about what God has been doing and also the strange but yet wonderful posts everyone seems to write. I actually don’t have one single clue how I have 61 (to be exact) followers! Most of the time I am just babbling and rambling but yet you still take time to read my not-thought-through blogs.Thank you:) I really must get back to work now. Time is ticking and I still have to do 2 french past papers, music revision, another English past paper and another History (maybe) I don’t know how many I am suppose to do but I am doing a few for each just for good measure. I don’t want to be shouted at. Have a great weekend!!