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It is getting closer and closer to Friday. Closer to the early night of going to bed at 6pm and waking at 1am. This Friday 3 of my favorite girls and I are taking a road trip to Alton Towers for Peta’s birthday. On the Friday night we will stay at Peta’s house and go to bed super early.. Well, at least the Roller Coasters with wake us up if we’re tired. We are leaving at 2am to be there for about 11am. Spend the day at Alton Towers where her fabulous parents will join us. Her Dad doesn’t like Roller Coasters, he can be the bag holder 😀 Maybe he’ll face his fear. In the evening we will take another 20 minute journey to our 4 star hotel!! And enjoy the facilities. In the morning we will find a church. Wherever that may be in the country and be home for Sunday night. It sounds like so much fun right? What a good birthday she is going to have 🙂