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This morning I decided to go alone. I was always with people so I wanted to look around myself. Oma Rita dropped me off in a place called Schongau and I spent a little while looking round and I found some nice things 🙂 I have always wanted a ring with leaves and a New york top so I am super chuffed!! One of the 2 scarves I bought yesterday but the other one I found for 3 euros!! bargin! I got the bus back because the trains weren’t running for some reason and got back to Peiting. I was a bit scared that I’d get of at the wrong stop because there is Peiting North and East so I was saying the whole way there is my head “Peiting Ost Lisa Peiting Ost!” Other wise I might have been walking for a while. But I got there. In time for Coffee and Cake. You know parents… my dad even gave me his mobile so I could text or call and then when I turned up before everyone else on the dot he was like “WOW!” so.. I think I proved him that I can manege to travel myself 😀 Its 11pm and I am sitting here packing. Trying to fit everything in my hand luggage suit case. It’s not going very well. But it will all go in. Somehow. I am so sad that I am already leaving!! I want to stay here forever but then I think about home and that I’m not going to have the friends here that I have back home. I don’t miss people that easily to be honest but only being away for 5 days makes me miss Becca, Rachi and Peta more! Hopefully the car will be fixed for when we get back because I really want to go to New Hope!! I haven’t done any studying while here (typical of me) so I will have to do past papers next week 😦 Dull!I just can’t wait for Summer now! 3 weeks of sun.. and my cousins will be here and my friends:) So much fun!!