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You can pretty much see what we got up to today. First was of course breakfast where you eat tuns. Especially when you stay with Oma’s. Would you like Fruit? tea? Brazen? yogurt? You probably know what I mean.. so I am so full!! I’m not used to it so when I get home if I’m fat, you’ll know why 😀
First we went to Starnberger See. That’s a lake that my dad and his brothers went to  when they were young with their dad (3 in the pictures, but one is missing, he didn’t come to visit) So we had a walk there and then went into Weilheim to a lovely cafe where I had apple pancakes. Ah! they are so delicious. My dad took the kids menu since it had a banana in it 😀 Then, the of course.. the boys wanted to look in a Moterbike shop. I like riding on the back of my Dad’s moter bike but I wasn’t very interested so I just looked at the colors 😀
We then went to Oma Ingrid and they gave me a T-shirt. It’s awesome! With a guitar and it’s got blue in it. Maybe I’ll post it soon. Now I am back at Oma Ritas and my Dad and her had debates about all sorts so I thought this is the time I should blog. Tomorrow is more exciting for me. Starts with S ends with G:)