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I got another call at 06.30 this morning. Last night I had a cold and didn’t have energy. Rather than a normal person and going to sleep I watched a movie which finished at 12 so I was tired and just sort of replied with the incomprehensible “huuuuuuh ehhh” in other words I was half asleep. I think  he said “Lisa just to let you know, I’m awake.” Thanks Timmy! lol!! He arrived today at 13.45 and my Dad and I went to pick him up. We can’t do a lot because he still has to study. For once in my entire life I am unorganized for going on holiday tomorrow. I will really have to pack tonight.
My day has also consisted of discussions about Korea. I’m not one for watching the news. If I watch the news I will just be depressed and that’s why I’m not scared in Germany because I never watch the news 😀 So, when I checked my email today I got in the headlines “North Korea declares state of war” How scary!! On a happier note…. here are our shadows on our walk 😀 Image