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This morning I set my alarm to make sure I would wake my mum up at 07.30. At 07.15 my phone started ringing and after debating just ignoring it I reached over and found it was my brother. Having a little dance in my mind I answered “Timmmyyyy Hi!!” Almost 2 hours later I hang up and all ready to start my day. I haven’t talked to him in 2/3 weeks.. Both his room and house phone were off for some strange reason but this time he phoned me. We had random chats and he told me that one night at 11.30pm he was so hungry so he walked to town in order to find a singe shop that was open… Now when my brother is hungry, he is hungry! He was determend to find food and with that he went in search of food.. Now of course at 12am no shops were open but that didn’t cross his mind. He trekked through woods and finally found a petrol station and bought food.. haha! Then got home at 2.30/3am!!!  I think he said he covered 8 miles or something! WOW! What a boy! He also informed us that he is coming to visit tomorrow. He booked with out asking if anyone could pick him up or if we were even here. So if both my parents are not here it will be me walking to town to pick him up. Now this is the girl who can’t even walk 15 minuets to school with out exhausted, bored and sore. I’ve never been one for walking but I guess that will be good exercise for me. Very good exercise. Then he is leaving on Sunday morning again because he has to get back to study or something. It will be nice to see him though.
Here are my brother and I: