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The holidays are finally here! 2 weeks of freedom 😀 My holidays started well with a welcome from my cat 😀 And a Costa visit with one of my fake sisters. Its so great! I just love a good chat and Costa. We had to of course look in the shops and as always when you don’t have money you always find something but it was good anyway:) I was silly and literally fell out the car… was so funny!!!!
Its 3 days until I start my journey!!! Sunday afternoon we are heading to Edinburgh which I don’t actually want to do because we are staying with my Dad’s friend who has no good food. And I eat tuns so good food is a must and plus I want my friends there 😦 But THEN Monday morning it’s time to fly!!! SO SO exciting! Sorry, I am going on and on about it but holidays are just my favorite thing EVER!!

Here is my sweet cat that I love SO SO SO SO much!!!!<3