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In exactly one week I will be in Germany soaking up the freezing cold 😀 On Saturday I looked at what I might take with me and it’s safe to say if I want to take my laptop to blog everyday for you all then I am going to have to sacrifice some clothes but that’s good because then I can buy some over there 🙂 I hope! I really hope it will be a nice holiday. I would much rather have my friends there too but hopefully I’ll get to do my own thing as well because I have to say.. adults do get boring after a while. Shopping is a must. Blogging is a must, taking photos, Cooking with Oma (that’s granny is German), Rodel bahn.. if it’s open (If you don’t know what Rodel Bahn it, youtube it! ) I do love a good holiday 🙂
I found a video for Rodel Bahn 🙂
It is in German but you get the idea 🙂 It’s the best thing everrrr 😀