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Today I walked into school to find my friend secretly being happy. I notice these things, even when they don’t think I do. We came to 2nd class (Maths) where she just burst out into tears. I had no clue why. Her and her other friend went out of the classroom but the teacher said I should go instead of her so I went with my friend to talk. She was having a very difficult time with her family. In some ways very severe. She cried her eyes out and I tried my best to comfort her and tell her everything would be OK and I know how she feels. Eventually, we did have to go back to class. I sat and ignored the teacher and just prayed for this dear friend of mine. I prayed a quick prayer “God, please please please help them! Look after them and make sure everything turns out OK. Thank you! Amen.” My day carried on as normal and my next class with her was p.s.e she came straight to me and said “It’s all good. Everything is OK now. They sorted it out.” Boy am I over joyed! Thank you Lord!