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My short notice holiday is coming faster!! Its now only 11 day’s until I head of to Germany. I am so excited. If I were 8 years old I would have been packed 3 weeks ago. Now I pack a week before because I like to be organized 🙂 I just hope next week goes as fast as this week… it’s nearly April!! Where in the world has this month gone? There are only 8 months left in this year! wow. I will take you all with me on my travels (as always). This holiday in Germany won’t be as interesting as going to Germany in the summer because in the summer my friends and cousins are there and there is lots more to do but who would say no to a holiday? not me! I can’t wait to go. I just checked the weather and next Saturday (30th of March) the lowest temperature is -2 and highest is 16 but since it forcasted for snow today I really don’t think it will get to 16. So I better pack my wooly hat and cosy jumpers. Germany, here I come 😀