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I realized today how much tea I drink. Since I have been around youth group and got used to their gallons of tea that they drink now I automatically go to the kitchen for more and more tea. I am disheartened when I go to another country and ask for “normal” tea. Or we/I call it normal tea:D and they dont have it!! WHAT?! So then I settle for Earl Grey WITH honey. As I said to Peta “I like earl grey tea WITH honey, it doesnt taste so… Planty.” That was the best descriptive word I could come up with and in my mind I was laughing so hard. But if your like me, then you will understand what I mean by “planty”. Having tea is now part of my daily routine ( not that I have an exact daily routine but it sounds good:D) you’ll pretty much always see me with tea. And I guess that shows my love for it:D Tonight I went to Asda with my mum because I begged her for white chocolate Krave cereal and Bagels…. ” you really shouldnt get me hang out with Becca, Rachael and Peta.” I said to my mum. They always show Me the amazing food, including belvita breakfast biscuits with yogurt!! ( also begged my mum for those but it didnt work) now to the blessing. My mum was complaining about how expencive the Krave cereal was.. £2.69 to be exact, for the smaller box. That is quit a lot but I thought of it that I will eat it all the time ao it won’t go to waste anyway. So then we did buy the krave and bagels and headed back to the car. Mum found £1 on the ground:D “see… Now the krave was only £1.69” I told her:) so she is happy. A little blessing goes a long way!:) Now my evening is filled with dinner, the rest of a movie and of course tea:)

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